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Lost In Tangles; Accepting Natural Hair

Lost In Tangles; Accepting Natural Hair

Lost In Tangles is a guide book to hair love written for all ages of men and women, however it's message is particularly important for the youth of today. The author addresses the concerns many people often have when choosing to wear their hair in its natural state. Attacking the unyielding set standard of status quo in the world of hair, it serves to guide its readers to dive deep within themselves to discover their true desires, aside from public pressure. Far from the traditional guide book, Lost in Tangles' main approach isn't to have its readers follow a To Do list. On the contrary, it simply takes the reader on the author's own detailed journey to self acceptance. L. B. Hamilton provides unconditional support irregardless of the hairstyling choice of the reader, rendering the book obsolete of judgment and favorism. This book aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment for one to reflect upon past and future decisions in regards to self image, which will inevitably affect a person's self love.



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