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5 tips on raising readers

1. read in front of your kids

Its fairly easy to tell your kids to do as you say, as opposed to, do as I do. However, in the arena of reading, it is quite vital to model before your kids. Observing a person reading draws in a curiosity to the observer as to ponder the storyline, characters and juicy plot that has grasped the reader's mind. Ponder upon the many times when your little one eagerly tries to observe what you're viewing, either on your cell phone, iPad, newspaper, mail, flyer, junk mail or yes, even your book. If it's entirely impossible for you to disengage and disconnect from your cell phone, as it is for most of us, try taping it inside of a book.

2. read to your children

By the hour of eight o'clock in the evening, most parents are already psychologically stretched to the limits. If the rubber ducky happens to fly across the bathroom one more time, someone is going to need a time-out and I don't mean the child. Notwithstanding, it is crucial to persevere to read that one bedtime story, over and over again. If it is difficult to achieve bedtime readings then perhaps consider moving it to a time that suits your family's schedule. Just as people love pancakes for dinner, so are there children who love bedtime stories upon arising.

3. take trips to the library

Trips to the library can turn out to be extremely fun. It is a true adventure when you discover just how curious you are, even as an adult, as you squeal upon finding a book that grabs your attention. Of course, playing with the little ones in the library's play corner isn't too shabby either- it's the only place you can guarantee your children that there are no missing pieces in any games. Children are walking sponges, soaking up the humidity in the air, the rain that falls, and the puddles they approach, metaphorically speaking. The library is one of the most nourishing environments a child could experience. So, go and explore the library with your little sponge, you will not be disappointed. Anyways, you now have a valid excuse for talking in the library.

4. make story time an event

Going so far as to decorate a portion of your child's bedroom into a castle-themed reading corner filled with comfy pillows and sheer curtains is just what I was aiming for. Nourish your child's imagination by adding to the ambience of storytelling.

By making an event out of story time, you will yourself happen to look forward to it and with that enthusiasm, you will be enabled to generate a most exciting reader's voice. I most enjoyed and cherished those story times where all four of my kids cuddled up beside me on my bed to hear their choice of bedtime stories.

Don't forget, story time doesn't always have to consist of reading from a book. I truly believe it is extremely beneficial to tell of the episodes of your childhood or of any interesting stories you've heard about. Perhaps, create a fascinating storyline on the spot. Nevertheless, it is always a joy to lighten up a monotonous and quite possibly, a dying tradition.

5. buy books as gifts

It is extremely easy to overlook the idea of purchasing books for family and friends. It would greatly benefit a child's love for reading as they themselves purchases books to give to their friends. I do not believe that I have ever considered purchasing someone a book as a gift, however now it has become the norm in my life. It's as if you are choosing a big bowl of salad over a super-sized McDonald's meal. As your child chooses books for his/her friends and family, curiosity will inevitably spark again and before you knew it, he/she will be asking for books of their own.

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