What To Do With Feelings of Inadequacy?

As I was silently washing the dishes in my kitchen, negative thoughts started to flood my head. "Perhaps, you're not such a good mother after all," "Perhaps, you should have done this or that," or worst, "Perhaps, I'm doing things all wrong." Thoughts such as these could stem from anything: a confrontation with a customer that happened over a week ago, a commercial that triggered something from your past that you're not quite proud of, or simply, a child that resents you taking away their iPad for failing to complete a household chore. These are what I like to call destructive, free-roaming thoughts however, we need to guard our minds as to not accept them into our lives, as they accomplish no good.

Attempting not to drown in my own thoughts, I kept trying to revert my thoughts to something else, to no avail. I understood that if I gave substantial thought and energy to these negative thoughts, they would inevitably drown me into a depression of some sort. Just as I found myself succumbing to my negative thoughts, I experienced the most surreal moment that I'll never forget. My darling three-year-old who was silently eating her noodles at the dining table broke the silence and spoke, "Mommy?" to which I was more than happy for the distraction. "You're a good mommy." My eyes watered, for I felt the universe was conveying a message of peace, serenity, and love. I truly felt loved in that moment and nothing in all my being could allow me to believe that it was just a coincidence.

Just as quick as she expressed the kind of mother she believed I was, she then started talking about her favorite show, PJ Masks. I was dumbfounded. It was very comedic as it all unfolded. Very soon after hearing her speak of the PJ Masks characters, I had forgotten all about the negative thoughts. I was then strong enough to brush them off as they crossed my mind however, I can't recall any negative thoughts since my daughter intervened.

So, the question is, "What Should We Do With Feelings of Inadequacy?" We should definitely redirect those feelings by placing them in their proper context. We have to remind ourselves that we are doing the best we can with the resources that we currently have. Remind yourself of all that you have accomplished, current things you are trying to accomplish, and the reasons for striving for those goals. When we put our thoughts in perspective, it is easier for us to combat negative thinking. When we allow ourselves to function in a positive state, only great things can happen. So, strap up those boots and get to kicking off those negative thoughts, because you are an incredibly, amazing human being with so much to share with this universe. Release the negativity and keep creating your imprint.

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