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Welcoming The Storms in Our Lives

Through the madness of starting a new school year with two middle-schoolers, an elementarian (if you will), and a preschooler, life can get very hectic and challenging. On top of everything else that one may be withstanding, things like work, furthering education, or perhaps the dramas that inevitably occur in our lives, life gets challenging and sometimes, unbearable. However, if we allow ourselves to step back, take a deep breath, and reprocess, we can learn to soar through even the most challenging of dilemmas.

It is in our prospectives that we drive the hours and minutes of our lives. As people say there is power in words, so is there power in our thoughts. And as we know that we follow in whatever direction our feet are planted, just the same, we take on the magnification of the words and thoughts we allow ourselves to experience. So essentially, our words, thoughts, beliefs, and plans all create and are all encompassed in our own prospective, which can explain why we are all so unique. In knowing this, we can realize that if we were to look at our dramas, heartbreaks, and failings in a different light, we could appreciate them for the benefits they bestow on our lives and to those around us.

Whenever one goes through something, a lesson is learned and they are able to help someone else get through or possibly, avoid the situation. However, what if we went a bit deeper and realized other benefits our hardships offer us. Often, we end up learning patience, peace, self-love, compassion and so much more from the trials we incur.

It reminds me of how, as parents, we are constantly telling our kids to "continue to pay attention and study more" through a difficult class, and we may even explain to them that though they may not see the benefits of laboring through a difficult math class now, they will realize it later. This is what we are telling them when they are in their trials! But, what if we were telling ourselves similar things like, "I know that money is tight now, but you're gonna have so much empathy, compassion, and a desire to help others when all is said and done". Job-losses have empowered so many people to open businesses that are in better tune with their interests and break-ups have helped people to better love and find themselves, essentially, preparation for their next relationship, should they want one.

There are so many ways to look at the mishaps that are bound to happen in each of our lives. Instead of fighting, resisting, and cursing our trials, we should embrace them for the benefits they leave in our lives, like kindness, patience, compassion, and truth. These are all just a bit of the residue hardships leave in our lives and it's worth more than gold. So, lets embrace our trials, contemplate on the lesson behind them, and choose to be better because of them. They may leave scars and that's okay. Scars aren't there to remind us of our faults and failings, they're there to remind us of how strong and resilient we are. Besides, the new scar tissue that forms will have a different texture and quality than the surrounding tissue, making for more flexible skin to lessen the risk of future damage. Now applying that, emotional scars can protect us from future damage due to the flexibility that we've incurred, and some scars actually fade over time. So, there you have it! All the reasons you should embrace your trials. If you can, embrace them with open arms.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you've enjoyed this work, please support me in my endeavors by either purchasing my latest book, my latest music album, or by donation.

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