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Defeating Dream-Snatchers

As of lately, I've come across countless social media posts reminding people to ignore the negativity of others in order to pursue their dreams and I love it! There are just so many people out there, seemingly waiting to crush someone else's dreams. I just don't get how there are people who actually thrive off of destroying others. Well, here are a few tips and tricks to safeguard yourself from those evil dream-snatchers.

1. Realize Your Dream and The Reason Behind It

You need to prevent dream-catchers from poking and prodding, trying to get you to reconsider your plans. To do this, you need to realize exactly what your dream is and why. There is no need to explain yourself however, to beat the emotional abuse by such people, it is wise to know these things. This is also beneficial in times of self-doubt. When you know exactly what you want and the drive behind it, it is much more difficult for someone to crush your dream.

2. Create a Plan to Fulfill Your Dream

This prevents dream-catchers from saying that your dream is too hard for you to achieve. Creating a plan connotes how serious you take your dream. If one says, "Oh, I'm going to be a doctor" and can't speak of the route to become one, it would be very easy to persuade one to reconsider. Furthermore, acknowledging the hardships of becoming a doctor and yet, still declaring to become one speaks loud and clear to a nay-sayer, "I know exactly what I'm doing. If you don't like it, keep it moving".

3. Consistently Take Steps to Fulfill Your Dream

"You're never gonna achieve it, because you haven't even done anything!" Consistently taking the steps to fulfill your dream will not only keep the dream-catchers away however, it will also keep your own negative thinking at bay. When you realize that you're getting closer to the manifestation of your dream, you have fuel that can withstand any and all negativity.

4. Have Tunnel Vision

Keeping your eyes only on the prize will prevent you from even noticing the dream-catchers or nay-sayers. If you are constantly working towards your goal and thinking of ways to better reach it, then you will have very little time to consider the negativity. It is a lot easier to brush off any negativity when you are so focused on getting something so important and meaningful to you completed.

5. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Even if there are only two people who share the same dream as you, surround yourself with them. Text, call, or hangout whenever you can. This type of support is like fuel to the realization of a dream. Having someone to confide in, to get advice, or to just laugh at the process of achieving the dream tremendously helps in shunning those nay-sayers.

6. Realize That Even Family and Friends Could Be Dream-Snatchers

Unfortunately, it is true that even those that we call our loved ones aren't always on board either. Perhaps, jealousy, a sense of inferiority, or insecurities are at play. Who knows? However, it is best to be aware and if you sense an awkward vibe from people in your close circle, realize it for what it is. It is totally normal however, do not let even close loved ones snatch your dream.

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